David Wright (b. 1983) is an American photographer based in Portland, Maine. He uses the mediums of photography and writing to learn about the world and himself. Always wanting to broaden his understanding of humans and lessen their suffering, he is currently studying to be a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at the University of Southern Maine.

In 2009, he photographed at A River Blue, a school providing psychosocial counseling and vocational training to vulnerable youth in Alebtong, Uganda. His series, Uganda: A River Blue, was selected for the 2009 Conscientious Portfolio Competition Prize and the 2011 Hearst 8×10 Photography Biennial. This work was exhibited at Anastasia Photo and the Hearst Towers.

In 2012, he published Sky Above, Sea Below, a series of 35mm photographs he made while working on a lobster boat 12 miles off the coast of Maine. This work was exhibited at Asymmetrick Arts.

David’s work is collected by The Library of Congress, The Museum of Modern Art, and private collections. He accepts editorial, advertising, and commission assignments.